Meet Team London: Q&A with Jack Larsson, a London-based Consultant
October 9, 2023

Meet Team London: Q&A with Jack Larsson, a London-based Consultant

London life Q&A with London Consultant, Jack Larsson

Q: What’s your role at Lancia?

A: I’m a consultant at Lancia

Q: How long have you been working for Lancia?

A: I joined in May last year, so a year and four months now!  

Q: What were you doing before you joined the London team?

A: I initially joined the Bristol team at LanciaConsult, having worked in technology and marketing in London for some time. Before that, I was a student at the University of Bristol studying Economics and Management.

Q: What excites you most about working in the London team?

A: Going from working with 20 people in the office in Bristol to working with four is a significant change, but it means we can all get involved in building the office from the start.

Q: What are your favourite moments while setting up the London office?

A: Where do I begin? The first morning, putting together a wonky set of drawers and seeing Rob’s disapproving look, getting our first record for the office record player, and welcoming Renata (the first London intern) to the team. There are too many moments to choose!  

Q: Do you work on particular types of projects? Or do you have a specialisation?

A: As a consultant at LanciaConsult, we avoid specialising too early on, allowing me to experience a broad range of work and spend time with many different team members. Internally, I’ve worked on a few projects across the marketing team and supported new proposals and bids.  

Q: What are you most excited about for the future of Team London?

A: Team London becoming the biggest team at LC (hopefully.. :P). Personally, it’s a fantastic opportunity to be at the coal face of growing a consulting business. I’ve got the chance to get involved in conversations I wouldn’t have been party to before. I get to meet business partners, plan events, and more. Those opportunities will only keep coming, and that’s what’s exciting.  

Q: What are your favourite parts of consultancy life?  

A: The range of people you work with: the Lancia team here, the clients you engage with, and the charity partners we support.

Q: What can someone expect when they join the LanciaConsult team?

A: Support and guidance from day one in both delivery and career progression. Fun and great people – everyone is inspiring to be around, and coming to work is fantastic  

Q: What’s the best thing about the London office?  

A: The pubs, the music in the office, the chance to shape/build the space as we like to! But most of all, the record player – when someone joins the team, they bring their favourite vinyl, and then we get it playing in the afternoons.  

Q: Describe the London office vibe in 3 words

A: Ambitious, fun and inclusive  

Q: What is it like to work with Pete?

A: Very relaxed and always feel like he is open to suggestion or there to provide advice. You are put at ease by his control of situations. He is excellent at bringing you into conversations where you can learn something. He’s also hilarious and has lots of brilliant stories!!

Q: What is your favourite London go-to spot?

A: Broadway Market. It's a great place to wander down on a Saturday morning. Lots going on, great food, lots of dogs, and a great pub at the end.

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