Welcoming APAC new starters
September 4, 2023

Welcoming APAC new starters

Q&A with Adhy Al Hosen, Edgar Tan & Gladys Chew.

Here we speak to some of the latest arrivals to our APAC offices: Managing Consultant of our Jakarta office, Adhy Al Hosen, Consultant Edgar Tan, and from our People team, Gladys Chew, who are both based in Singapore.  

Before his role as Managing Consultant, Adhy oversaw the Special Projects division at a major Indonesian conglomerate, leading digital transformation projects across various sectors such as Retail, Healthcare, and Financial Services in APAC.

Q: What initially attracted you to Lancia?
A: The company had this unique entrepreneurial vibe, and I connected with it personally. Lancia's core services, like Finance Transformation and Business Turnaround, fit right into my previous roles and what I'm genuinely passionate about.

Q: What key skills will you transfer from the experience gathered during your previous job roles?
A: I'll be bringing Project Management and Business Development skills to the table. I've led and coordinated multiple projects, and my experience in identifying growth opportunities, building partnerships, and fostering client relationships will be a great asset.

Q: What projects are you most looking forward to engaging in at Lancia?
A: To support clients in designing their future organisation's structure through a dynamic performance management system. And to streamline and consolidate systems within their company.

Before joining us in a Consulting role at our Singapore office, Edgar had taken up internships at Lancia, Accenture, and American Express. Edgar chose to join Team Lancia due to its leadership, office environment, and growth opportunities, having outlined how crucial his internships were in his education and skill-building.  

Q: How have your previous internships, both with Lancia and Accenture, prepared you for your new role?
A: I am incredibly grateful for my internship opportunities as they gave me a preliminary view into the work I want to do. Work in consulting moves blazingly quickly, and you often must gain proficiency expeditiously. Thankfully, my internship experiences in this industry allowed me to frame my expectations accurately and form precise, actionable objectives.

Q: What key skills will you be applying to your new role?
A: Processing and refining information into knowledge is an essential skill for my work. While this is personally still a work in progress, it is paramount that one can learn as fast as possible and harness this knowledge to create value-bearing actions. Another essential skill would be communication with both internal and external networks.

Q: What projects are you most looking forward to engaging in?
A: Right now, I am working on finance transformation projects. It has been a challenging yet engaging time, and I am keen to grow my expertise and apply it to future projects.

Prior to her new role as People and Culture Coordinator, Gladys completed a People and Culture internship with us.

Q: What initially attracted you to Lancia?
A: Lancia has established a reputation for fostering employee personal and professional growth. Their multi-faceted approach to supporting employee development is inspiring, which includes encouraging knowledge-sharing across all roles within the organisation. This collaborative and growth-oriented mindset deeply resonated with me.  

Q: What key skills have you gathered during your previous experience and how will you be applying them to your new role at Lancia?
A: During my past six months in Lancia, communicating effectively and working with various internal and external stakeholders was one of the critical skills I developed. This would continue to be useful as I support our Learning Journey Programme, which equips our people with the relevant technical and professional capabilities to lead Self, Others, and Work (SOW) successfully.

I also picked up strategies for employee engagement which would continue to be applicable in driving initiatives that would contribute to a positive and productive work environment.  

Q: As it’s your first role within a consultancy, what are you most looking forward to learning about the industry?
A: I'm looking forward to learning more ways to support the team in specific aspects unique to the nature of consulting work and the demands of the industry.

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