Welcoming APAC’s latest team members
September 4, 2023

Welcoming APAC’s latest team members

Q&A with Dimas Satria Bijaksana, Toh Chiaw Hien & Xanthea Tan

We hear from more of our new starters in our APAC offices: Dimas Satria Bijaksana, Toh Chiaw Hien, and Xanthea Tan. From their education, internships and prior roles, our new team members have seamlessly embraced growth-focused cultures and diverse skill sets. As Lancia continues to expand, their journeys reflect our collaborative spirit and commitment to progress.

Prior to his role at Lancia, Dimas graduated with a master’s degree in management engineering from Politecnico di Milano, and wanted to join the team after discovering that Lancia is one of the fastest-growing companies in APAC.

Q: What are you most looking forward to about your role and the project you’ll be working on?
A: Being able to learn things that can assist a client's business is something I always look forward to. In the consulting world, I believe one must continually learn, as technology constantly evolves and staying up to date is crucial. I'm currently working on a financial transformation project.

Q: What are you most looking forward to about enjoying the culture and opportunities at Lancia?
A: I'm particularly excited about immersing myself in the firm's collaborative culture and getting to know the wider team.

Before starting his new consulting role, Chiaw Hien’s final internship was with us at Lancia, working as a Consulting Analyst and engaging in a data analytics implementation project.  

Q: What initially attracted you to Lancia?
A: It was the culture, people, and emphasis on employee growth. Through interaction with other employees from Lancia, I was convinced that this was the place for me.  

Q: As it’s your first role within a consultancy, what are you most looking forward to learning?
A: I am excited to enhance my technical and problem-solving proficiencies and refine my interpersonal skills, as I will be engaging with diverse stakeholders across my projects.

Q: How do you think your educational experience has prepared you for your role at Lancia?
A: My Accountancy and Accounting Data Analytics degree has provided me with an edge in Finance Transformation and Data Analytics projects.

Prior to her People Business Partner role with Lancia, Xanthea engaged in diverse internships within the HR function, for companies such as NTT and McDonalds.  

Q: What initially attracted you to Lancia?
A: Like many Lancians, I was lucky to be referred by a friend. He had the pleasure of being an Analyst at Lancia in 2022. During which, I learned more about the open and diverse culture from him. Particularly, my interest was sparked by the people-centric approach embraced by the leadership team. They treat each Lancian like family, which was evident throughout the interview process.

Q: What key skills have you gathered during your previous experiences, and will be applied to your new role at Lancia?
A: Leveraging on my experience in talent attraction, I will be working towards funnelling a strong graduate talent pipeline to grow the team. Furthermore, I hope to continue working closely with the People Team and Lancians to earn Lancia a "Great Place to Work" award!

Q: As it’s your first role within a consultancy, what are you most looking forward to learning about the industry?
A: I look forward to broadening my understanding of our service offerings. As I am new to the Consulting industry, I also hope to learn more about the industry trends and jargon, so I can better understand the needs of our consultants!

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