How to deliver a successful Business Analysis Project
June 9, 2023

How to deliver a successful Business Analysis Project

An interview with LanciaConsult's Senior Consultant, Matt Kenny.

Q: What is a typical Business Analysis Project?
A: Business analysis projects can be hugely varied, with lots of distinct factors at play, like the variety of people involved, how much impact the change will bring, and how the solution will fit within complex business environments.

Essentially, Business Analysis is all about understanding a problem and articulating the solution. This could involve setting the course for the future, checking how changes to systems and processes will impact the current setup, or finding ways to make things run smoother and work better.

Q: What are the functional requirements in Business Analysis?
A: Business Analysis often involves figuring out what a company needs and putting those needs into words, which can then help shape the future plan or organisation.

There are all sorts of ways to capture these needs, like drawing up new processes or defining "User Stories" and working in various methodologies with dynamic teams - for example with the Agile approach.

Q: Business Analysis is a broad topic – What kinds of Business Analysis (BA) roles does LanciaConsult support?
A: A general BA role involves bringing a broad range of skills and often experience across multiple domains or sectors. This experience can be applied to many different projects.

More specialised roles that we support include:

  • Process Business Analysts: mapping out or analysing existing ways of working and identifying opportunities for improvements – from workflow and automation to simplification or integration with other systems or processes.
  • IT Business Analysts: focusing on technology change, working closely with Product Management, Architecture, Development and Test teams.
  • Data Business Analysts: focusing on analysing, visualisation and interpreting data to support decision making and opportunities for improvement.

Q: How does data analysis help businesses?
A: Data analysis is the backbone of successful businesses in the modern era, allowing them to gain valuable insights into their operations, markets, and customers. By analysing data, businesses can identify patterns and trends that can inform their decision making, leading to more informed and effective strategies.

Successful data analysis enables businesses to improve their customer satisfaction by better understanding their needs and preferences, while also identifying cost-cutting opportunities and new revenue streams.

Data analysis has proven to be an essential skillset that allows businesses to remain agile and adaptable, allowing them to quickly respond to changing market conditions and stay ahead of the competition.

Q: Why is LanciaConsult the best to deliver successful Business Analysis?
A: LanciaConsult’s team bring a strong blend of skills and experience to our Business Analysis projects, including:

  • Exceptional critical thinking and a curiosity that drives a comprehensive understanding of existing processes and motivations for change, enabling our clients to identify potential gaps or challenges in requirements and explore viable solutions.
  • Outstanding communication and facilitation abilities, which allow our clients to assemble the necessary stakeholders and contributors, ensuring all perspectives are captured and considered.
  • Proficiency and experience in various aspects of technology design and implementation, encompassing solution architecture, integration, data architecture, and visualisation.

Our approach is one of collaboration, with your team, your expectations and outcomes in mind.

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