Taking on the Jurassic Coast Ultra Challenge
June 9, 2023

Taking on the Jurassic Coast Ultra Challenge

LanciaConsult Bristol aim to raise £1,200 for Help Bristol's Homeless

On Saturday 13th May, a group of the LanciaConsult Bristol team are planning to complete the Jurassic Coast Ultra Challenge; hiking a whopping 25 KM along the coastline, in just 1 day, to raise £1,200 for Help Bristol’s Homeless.

Jack Larsson, one of our super-duper consultants, tells me all about it...  

BTW, that is Jack with Immy in the picture montage above - image on the left.

Hi Jack!

Q What and when is the challenge?

A We are taking on the Jurassic Coast Ultra challenge. Competitors run/jog/walk a route along the southern coast starting at Corfe Castle. We will be walking the first quarter of the full route on the 13th of May.

Q Why did you choose to support Help Bristol’s Homeless?

A We have four giving partners each year (one for each quarter). I was assigned with selecting one for Q2.

Since I have been at Lancia we haven't supported a local charity looking to deal with inequality and homelessness. With the rising rate of rough sleeping in Bristol (even our working space) I thought it would be a good local cause. There are loads of large national charities doing great work in this space such as St Mungo’s but I wanted to find a small local charity which was less likely to get fundraising support – I found Help Bristol’s Homeless. The Jurassic Coast was selected as it was an exciting challenge that we could get the wider team involved with, which would help us raise more money.

Q Who is taking part in the challenge?

A A group of 6 intrepid adventurers; Ana Anaya, Emma Marriot, Aurore Maillard, Garin Withers, Oliver Cross and me!  

Q Will it rain?

A I hope not! But knowing what the English summertime is like it wouldn’t surprise me at all – we will be prepared for all eventualities.  

Q What is going to keep you motivated when it gets tough?

A Help Bristol’s Homeless is a fantastic organisation, and the work they are doing is supporting homeless people directly, with a tangible and real impact.

Whilst the challenge might get tough on the day, it is nothing compared to the challenge of being homeless. That perspective and knowing we are helping in a small way will keep us going.

Q How can I sponsor you?

A Thanks a lot! We have a gofundme page set up here:


Please don’t forget to sponsor them!  

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