December's eSCapade Training Program
June 9, 2023

December's eSCapade Training Program

Our Senior Consultants embarked on the first of a 3-part series.

At Lancia, we want to prepare and support our people through their journey of self-awareness, and the development of their leadership style. The transition from an individual contributor to a team lead is positively disrupted in the face of competing demands, such as managing, motivating, and developing junior team members.

Our Senior Consultants (SC) spent 2 days last December engaging in a learning experience that touches both the head (frameworks, methodology, skills) and the heart (attitude, heartfelt connection, and inspiration). The training was designed to be largely focused on skills-practice that used a mix of ‘live’ demonstration, with both small and large group activities. This enhanced our SC’s confidence, as they bonded over shared experiences and exchanged knowledge and insights around common challenges, such as Effective Delegation, Asking for Help and giving Forward Feedback.

We’re delighted that 100% of our Senior Consultants would highly recommend this Leadership Learning eSCapade program to a friend or colleague.

Hear what some of them had to say...

“The 2 days were a transformative experience. The frameworks introduced structure and I appreciate learning from both the facilitator and my peers. When we bring our full selves, we get the most out of it!”
“I was initially sceptical on how being involved in this program would benefit me, but it helped me see the bigger picture and really made me more conscious of areas I want to develop. Work is more than just the daily grind; it includes taking care of yourself and those around you. Work will always pose challenges in any company, but enjoy the learning process and seeing growth in both you and those you lead along the way.”
“This training is key in the transition from individual contributor to a team leader. It helps us learn how to manage ourselves better to get the best out of the team. We recognise that leadership is a journey, and we are all different, yet we can support each other and grow together.”

With our SCs commitment to stretching and growing through new behaviours, we look forward to the next session in May where they will explore other facets of leadership. We can’t wait to see how their learning experiences culminate in their growth at Lancia!

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