Creating 'The Heart of Lancia'
June 9, 2023

Creating 'The Heart of Lancia'

Hear how we created a working model to boost, centralise and action ideas internally.

Having joined Team Lancia during the first consultant intake back in September 2020, Emma Marriott has seen LanciaConsult move from strength to strength, witnessing the team expand, and more ideas be brought into the Lancia fold of life.

Emma Marriott, Senior Consultant

When asked about her perception of Lancia when she initially joined the team, Emma replied:

‘When I joined as a Consultant, we were all in one room, Managing Directors, Principles, Managing Consultants, Senior Consultants and Consultants alike. If one of us had an idea, we voiced it, and if we had the resources to do it, we were given ownership over it – to get it done. 30 months, three office spaces, and a promotion to Senior Consultant later and the notion of “if you have an idea, share it and own it” is still very much part of Lancia’s culture, and something I think is a “golden nugget” of our ethos.’

We’re now at Gen-3 intake of Consultants in the UK, and with that, a handful of new joiners at every level in the business. Each of these new people have brought to the table a sense of energy, and experience – from life, and from work. However, with a growing number of people, and a growing pool of ideas, it was important to align on these, and provide a working group to support these ideas and action these ‘golden nuggets’.

In came the natural birth of the internal ‘working group’! These working groups provided central homes for everyone's ideas, such as Social Impact, Diversity and Inclusion, Mental Health and Wellbeing. 

When asked about the problems with centralising everyone’s voices, Emma responded ‘As Lancia grew, and I noticed that the working groups were becoming siloed from each other, and not everyone in the business always knew what was happening in the working group. We ran the risk of the working groups operating independently and in isolation from one another and the wider team. The risk was that if the working groups lacked collaboration and communication it would lead to missed opportunities, and missed innovation for Lancia as a whole.’  

This recognition of potential communication issues created the natural start of stage three of supporting the ‘golden nugget of ideas’ ethos that has been a constant since Emma started at LC: “The Heart of Lancia”  

Emma set up the Heart of Lancia with its intention to be that central nucleus to which all working groups were connected. It is designed to be the facilitator, the springboard of support, and the platform for sharing new ideas. The purpose is for working groups to align with, and inform other working groups of their ideas, plans and progress, and then share this onwards to the wider LC team. 

The Heart of Lancia | Working Model

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