Breaking down borders: Lancia and NUS collaborate to enable international talent to flourish.
October 9, 2023

Breaking down borders: Lancia and NUS collaborate to enable international talent to flourish.

Hear how the NUS Overseas Colleges (NOC) programme helps overseas students kick-start their careers.

At Lancia, we believe in fostering a world where borders do not limit talent or ambition. Our partnership with NUS Enterprise provides opportunities for overseas students to gain first-hand experience in the dynamic consulting world.  

In August, we warmly welcomed two bright minds from NUS Overseas College (NOC) Indonesia to our Singapore office, who are stepping into the world of management consulting with the help of Lancia's Emerging Analyst Programme (LEAP). This initiative is particularly significant as we've recently expanded our global footprint to Jakarta. Supported by NUS Enterprise's top-notch shortlisting process, we have consistently built a talent pipeline and recruited our next generation of consultants. The programme hits close to home, as our Singapore MD, Alan, is an esteemed alum and an active community member.

Hear from Muhammad Zhaffari Luthfan and Rafi Amjadrasyid, Analysts from Indonesia under the NOC programme.

Q. How do you anticipate this placement to impact your understanding of consulting?
An essential skill in consulting is being a self-starter, and I hope to continue to learn and grow every day. Having gained a breadth of understanding in my first month while learning about the various service offerings, I plan to continue being a self-directed learner to gain more insights and knowledge.

R: I discovered software development is a valuable skill in consulting, making me excited at the prospect of applying my technical background to build customised solutions for clients. I also learnt the importance of workshops, which help clients understand and be comfortable with the solutions, to support continued usage.

Q. Why did you choose to participate in this programme with Lancia?
I want to pursue consulting as it is a dynamic job that allows continuous learning. When browsing the company's website, I was inspired by the motto of #NewEnergy, as I want to bring new resources and capabilities to family businesses in Indonesia. I want to apply academic knowledge and frameworks to serve clients, such as implementing change management practically.

R: I want to create something out of nothing. I want to unite my technical background in creating applications that are practical solutions for businesses. Similarly, I explored Lancia's website and was interested in the services offered.


Q. What do you hope to learn from this experience, mainly being based in Singapore?
Having been in Indonesia my whole life, I can now break out of my comfort zone and learn about a different culture here in Singapore. It is a challenging but exciting prospect to do so, whether in the workplace or outside of work. For instance, Lancia taught me that a work-life balance can be achieved by managing time effectively and in a supportive team environment.

R: Similarly, I hope to navigate a different culture in the workspace. I enjoy the flat hierarchy and am building confidence to share my ideas to reach my maximum potential.

Q. How do you plan to apply these lessons when you return to Indonesia?

Z: Apart from being effective at time management, having a transparent thought process in my daily work and being able to define it to each other. I have also been onboarded onto marketing consulting projects, where I am picking up market research skills and learning so much about the sector.

R: Project management skills, where you can learn by being under leaders with practical and customised planning. Learning how low-code applications are built has also been a significant value-add to my knowledge base, and the tasks I have carried out have allowed me to see the practical application in use cases.  

Q. How has the experience been working in a multicultural environment like Lancia?
I am so grateful for the culture of mutual respect and support with my co-workers, as working with such a diverse team has immensely benefited my learning. My LIFT coach, Nicole, has been patient and attentive in providing feedback for continuous improvement. Her diverse expertise is a significant value-add in her sharing.

R: I appreciate the open environment in Lancia, where all consultants are happy to share differing perspectives to derive a breadth of insights. In addition, the level of consideration to elevate each individual to be at their best is great! Kenn, my LIFT coach, developed a guideline for my workload and tasks, which perfectly balances my learning pace to be stimulating but still manageable.

Now we speak with programme alum and APAC Managing Director Alan Ang.

Q. As an alum of the programme, how do you think this partnership impacts the students' professional growth?
Our partnership with NUS Enterprise has allowed us to bring students globally (Sweden, Germany, Canada, Indonesia) into Lancia. While with Lancia, the students have a unique opportunity to participate in client engagements and exposure to the consulting world. Being away from the students' home country broadens their viewpoints and puts them into positions where they can strive and grow quickly.  

Q. How has your experience with the programme shaped your journey to becoming an MD?
I was privileged to attend the Silicon Valley, USA programme. While there, I was exposed to different mindsets, attitudes, and how the world works. Along the way, I made great friends and connections that I kept in touch with. Collectively, the experience broadened my thinking and drove my entrepreneurship mindset.

Q. What role does the programme play in Lancia's global expansion, especially with the new office in Jakarta?
As we continue our push to start new offices, we strongly believe in the need to embed it with the best talent we can find locally. Growing a solid and committed team will require long-term investment, and the NOC program will plant the seeds for our future.    

Q. Can you share any memorable experiences or pivotal moments from your time in the programme?
Before embarking on the NOC programme in Silicon Valley (USA), I had yet to have the chance to live in a different country and environment. The programme gave me an opportunity where I had the space and time to grow personally. Aside from the great weather and lifestyle, I was impressed with the culture where failure is celebrated and not frowned upon.  

Q. How do you, as an alum, actively support and contribute to the programme?
As a student, my mentors and supervisors selflessly gave their time to guide and support me. The best way to support and contribute is by paying it forward and spending time guiding aspiring students who choose to be part of our programme.

Finally, some thoughts from our APAC Head of People, Esther Lee

Q: What is the strategic significance of this NUS partnership in Lancia's global talent strategy, particularly in nurturing local Indonesian talent?
A: We are thrilled that our long-term partnership with NUS has now led us to this remarkable opportunity. Just as we embark on our journey to expand our presence in the Indonesian market, this partnership allows us to access and nurture top talents from Indonesia, a start at creating a robust talent pipeline.

This partnership transcends traditional education; it's about shaping our collective future. Through participating in Lancia's Emerging Analyst Programme (LEAP), we aim to empower our people with global skills, fostering innovation and driving growth well beyond the shores of Singapore.

But it's about more than just growing our business. We invest in the growth of our consultants into leaders who deeply understand the intricacies of the Indonesian culture. We're thrilled by the infusion of fresh perspectives and energy that the next generation brings to this journey together!

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