Landing at Lancia: Elevating onboarding to new heights
July 20, 2023

Landing at Lancia: Elevating onboarding to new heights

Experience a seamless transition into the world of consulting with our tailor-made onboarding programme.

Your journey at LanciaConsult is an adventure we are committed to making successful. That commitment begins with Landing at Lancia (LAL), our dedicated onboarding programme for new team members.

LAL is much more than an introduction; it is our investment in your potential and the key to unlocking your best self. Delivered by our enthusiastic team, the programme facilitates not just skill-building but also connection-forging, giving you an opportunity to create strong relationships with your colleagues. We have curated a comprehensive curriculum to familiarise you with our distinctive culture, operations, and working style. From technical know-how to core consulting skills, we lay the groundwork for all our new hires with specialised training for our budding consultants.

To find out more about what LAL entails, we spoke with one of our current programme members and a consultant who has already successfully completed the programme.

Hear from one of our current LAL participants: Chiaw Hien (CH), Consultant.

Chiaw Hien joined us as an Analyst for a 6-month internship back in 2022. After his graduation this year, he came on board as a full-time Consultant. We get to hear about his experience with the onboarding process prior to and after the implementation of Landing at Lancia.

Q: How would you describe your LAL experience so far?
A: The past two weeks under Landing at Lancia have been amazing in terms of understanding the bigger picture. The pace and structure of the programme have given me the space to integrate seamlessly into Lancia. From the first day's introductions to the various key speakers, it has helped piece together my understanding of the business, how it functions, and even helped me develop my skills as a consultant.

Q: What have you found most beneficial about the onboarding programme?
A: Being able to hear first-hand from the subject matter experts has been really insightful. Alex, our Managing Director’s presentation on Delivery Excellence was particularly interesting as he shared the end-to-end process of our entire consulting project flow. This will be key as I move towards getting personally involved in the systems and processes. I will also make sure to keep in mind the purpose and meaning in the work that I will be doing.

Q: Can you share an example of how the training has already improved your consulting skills?
A: Esther’s sharing on time management emphasised the importance of setting clear priorities, allocating time efficiently, and maintaining a structured approach to tasks and projects. I am now better equipped to prioritise client needs, allocate time and resources appropriately, and deliver quality results within designated timelines. Furthermore, the time management techniques and tools shared have enabled me to streamline my workflow, minimise distractions, and maintain focus during problem-solving sessions.

Q: How has the programme helped you in forging relationships with your colleagues?
A: LAL has helped me feel more aligned and integrated into the culture of Lancia. I got to spend more time with my cohort, as we had the opportunity to be onboarded together, such that we developed a camaraderie in the first few weeks.

Q: What are you most looking forward to in the remaining part of the programme?
A: I’m looking forward to the Go-To-Market sharing, to find out more about Lancia’s business services! It will be exciting to get to know the service offerings I will be involved in.

Hear from Edgar, Consultant, who has already completed the LAL programme.

Q: Looking back, how did the LAL programme shape your early days at LanciaConsult?
A: LAL gave me a platform to springboard my experience here at LanciaConsult. Being able to interact with different members of the Lancia team early on made the transition here very seamless. It made me feel very welcome and I was able to hit the ground running.

Q: What aspects of the onboarding process do you think were most instrumental to your current role?
A: Meeting the principals, directors, and other members early on were the most instrumental drivers of the LAL experience. I was able to learn early on what makes Lancia special and be able to understand the zest and drive in this company.

Q: Can you share an instance where the skills you acquired from LAL proved to be essential in your job?
A: Creating my own ‘Ways of Working’ and reading my colleagues’ was enlightening and enabled me to set expectations at the start of my Lancia career. It made it less ambiguous and I was able to understand what was expected of me easily.

Q: How did the programme ease your transition into the LanciaConsult team?
A: With the LAL programme, I am given the opportunity to build an early relationship with Lancia members and it made it very enjoyable. First days might be daunting for some, but the LAL absolutely facilitated the entire process well.

Q: Having completed the programme, what advice would you give to someone just starting out with LAL?
A: Do not hesitate to ask questions and share more about yourself to the people you meet in LAL. Everyone is genuinely invested in you and would love to see you succeed.

Finally, hear from Esther Lee, our APAC Head of People.

Q: How do you believe the Landing at Lancia programme contributes to building a cohesive team culture and nurturing talent in our APAC offices?
A: Human beings are created for connection. We find our strength, joy, and purpose in the bonds we form, through shared experiences and tapping into each other’s strengths to succeed together. Therefore, our onboarding experience is designed with our people at the heart of it. With our open and flat hierarchy, we create opportunities for new team members to connect and establish meaningful relationships across the organisation from day 1! The programme is designed to spark curiosity that propels both personal and collective development.

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