"Culture matters"
March 28, 2024

"Culture matters"

Senior Consultant Holly McCone articulates what makes the LanciaConsult culture so special.

Defining a company's culture is no easy task, but as a proud member of the LanciaConsult team, I will capture here what I believe makes our company culture so unique. I hope you come away from reading this with more understanding of why we all think Lancia is a fantastic place to work and be part of.  

More than just values  

I understand a company's "culture" as tangible and intangible aspects of who we are at Lancia. It's about showcasing our values, ideas, and differences, but most importantly, how we behave according to those values. At Lancia, we live and breathe our four core values: practical, entrepreneurial, genuine, and invested. These values guide how we think, work, and approach our clients. However, our culture goes deeper.  

Defining the essence of LanciaConsult  

It is of utmost importance to the people at Lancia that our culture is nurtured and evolved in a way that genuinely represents who we are, what we believe in, and what we are proud to showcase.  

What defines our culture? For me, it's these three factors.  

1. Our people  

Our people are the architects of our culture, shaping what LanciaConsult is. We are a team of 44 in Europe (94 globally) and continue to grow year-on-year. As we expand our business reach, range of clients, physical footprint, and the diversity and skills of our people, it remains critical to our guiding principles that we preserve our baseline and further evolve our culture.  

For Lancia, we must continue to bring authenticity, deliver different perspectives, and make connections between the team and our work, with an overarching commitment to (and care for) all our services. Forming strong bonds with the people you spend 8, 9, and 10 hours a day with is imperative. We work hard but play hard, too, and recognize the value in balancing individual effort, group thinking and problem-solving, recharging time, and non-work related development.  

2. Staying connected  

Maintaining connection is an essential part of our culture at Lancia. We have various ways of connecting with our teammates, including a midday chime on our laptops that signals it's time for a shared lunch in the kitchen. During these lunches, we exchange recipes and weekend plans, which helps us build a strong sense of community.

We also have an interactive video window that offers a live glimpse into our Belfast, London, and Bristol offices, allowing us to stay connected with our colleagues in other locations around the globe.

Beyond the office, it's crucial to stay connected as well. Each week, one of our team members organises a social occasion, allowing us to spend more time together as colleagues and friends.

At Lancia, we understand the importance of nurturing our team, and that's why every summer, all employees are treated to a long weekend away together. This shared time is a meaningful bonding experience, which helps us work together more effectively for our clients.

These few examples only touch on Lancia's culture, but they're key pieces that help shape our company.  

3. The LC investment  

As a team, we have established trust and commitment with our leaders, which has allowed us to become the compass of LanciaConsult's culture. Our leaders invest in our ideas and perspectives by acknowledging what each team member wants to bring to the business. We are always listened to when we promote new ideas, share opinions, or believe in a change of direction. We get the support we need to help action these initiatives or changes. It's cool to have a say and impact on the company as it evolves.

All in all  

Our culture is the sum of our collective experiences. It's the moments we share, such as sitting around the kitchen table at 3:30 for a tea and cake break, doing Brandon Hill laps with a colleague to debrief after a challenging call, going on Darryl's Taco Tuesday run with the Belfast team, sitting beside Rob in the office to ask questions about being an Executive Director, meeting up with someone in the team and their partner to watch Bristol Bears or Ulster on Thursday night from the LanciaConsult seats, playing Monday evening squash, attending the Europe Wednesday stands up meeting to talk about the highs and lows of the week, connecting with our European offices for a virtual coffee, brainstorming project ideas over an illy coffee with Ned, having team lunch, sharing good songs to listen to while we work, motivating a team member to share their ideas or deliver a training session on an initiative they're passionate about, going for a drink on Fridays to exchange weekend plans, and asking for help and feedback.

Our culture is not just about adhering to our values; it's also about making our team and clients feel genuinely valued and appreciated by being ourselves and injecting individuality into our work. All these elements are integral in upholding our dedication to being a great workplace with an authentic and remarkable people-led culture.

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