Welcoming Technical Consultant, Foong Keng Munn
March 28, 2024

Welcoming Technical Consultant, Foong Keng Munn

Our latest addition to LanciaConsult's APAC team.

As we continue to grow our team at LanciaConsult, we are thrilled to introduce our newest member, Technical Consultant Foong Keng Munn. Joining us on Tuesday,14th November 2023, Keng Munn brings a wealth of experience and vibrant energy to our team. In this insightful Q&A session, we delve into Keng Munn's background, motivations, and aspirations as he embarks on his journey with us.

Q: What key skills will you be transferring from your previous roles?
A: I have four years of experience in Software Engineering - 1 year as a front-end developer and three years as a back-end developer. I've worked with many wonderful people and learned many things, ranging from technical skills like web development, database architecture, and data migration, to soft skills like client management and training. I believe that all the knowledge I attained from these experiences has prepared me to be successful in my upcoming role as a TechnicalConsultant here at Lancia.


Q: Managing Consultant Alicia Lim referred you; what attracted you to a role with Lancia, and why did Alicia think you were right for the role?
A: I've worked closely with Alicia on a project in our previous company. She was very easy to work and communicate with. She encouraged me to speak to more people within Lancia to be sure about the environment. I felt a lot of positivity from my conversations with everyone. I also felt the sense of ownership and responsibility everyone had for the company and their work, making me feel very inspired. Alicia feels pride in her work and is not one to shy away from a challenge, which I find respectable. And Lancia has provided an environment for her to thrive. She shared that based on our working experience, she feels that this environment will also allow me to succeed, which is why I decided to join Lancia.  

Q: How do you see your role as a Technical Consultant assisting in Lancia's growth?
A: To assist in growing a business, we must first grow as an individual by continuously learning and adapting. As a Technical Consultant, I can leverage my technical expertise and experience to come up with robust and novel solutions to problems, specialising in areas that can attract clients seeking particular expertise and building long-lasting relationships with clients through trust in our skills and abilities.

Q: What are you most looking forward to regarding the culture and opportunities at Lancia!
A: I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone within Lancia. I've also learned that most here at Lancia are very active and love to exercise, so I'm also looking forward to spending time with everyone on the various activities Lancia has organised over the next few months!


Q: What are you most looking forward to about your role and the project you'll be working on?
A: I'm looking forward to beginning my journey at Lancia as a TechnicalConsultant. I'm excited to gain new technical knowledge, hone my existing skills, and apply my expertise in my work.  

I'm also excited to experience a more techno-functional role, being more involved in the project lifecycle from start to finish, allowing me to gain a sense of accomplishment from my work.


Q: Tell us something interesting about you outside of your professional experience!
A: I enjoy playing tennis and swimming on the weekends. Recently, I became interested in sudoku. It is a great way to wind down before bed. I've also started reading the Troy series by David Gemmell, which I find very gripping so far.

Keng Munn's addition to our team marks an exciting chapter for LanciaConsult. His unique blend of technical prowess and enthusiasm for continuous learning and growth aligns perfectly with our values and aspirations. We look forward to the innovative solutions and fresh perspectives Keng Munn will bring to our team and clients.

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