Welcoming APAC’s newest Senior Consultant, Reza
October 31, 2023

Welcoming APAC’s newest Senior Consultant, Reza

Hear from the latest addition to our Jakarta office.

In the dynamic world of consultancy, welcoming fresh talent and perspectives is always a reason for excitement and anticipation. Today, we are delighted to spotlight Aulia Reza Rahmansyah, our newest Senior Consultant at LanciaConsult Jakarta.  

Since joining us in September, Reza has seamlessly integrated into our vibrant community, showcasing his skills and enthusiasm in a variety of challenging and rewarding scenarios. We hear, in his own words, how the start of his journey with us is progressing.

Q: How has your experience in Lancia been thus far?
A: Just in my first month at Lancia I…

  • flew to the Singapore HQ for training,  
  • was treated to speciality coffee by the CEO,
  • walked around Marina Bay to have a meeting with the MD,
  • tried Irish Beef Stew during our Diversity, Inclusion, Cohesion and Equity (D.I.C.E) Month potluck,
  • AND ran a 5K charity for Lancia’s 10/10 Run 2023.  

But most importantly, I…

  • assisted in the successful Go-Live for the omnichannel retail system of Singapore’s largest garden nursery,  
  • and kicked off a project and led a workshop for a Telco JV between two of Singapore’s largest mobile network operators.

Q: What initially attracted you to a role in Lancia Jakarta?
A: The pivotal factor was the emphasis on Lancia’s expansion in Indonesia. I found it to be interesting and wanted to take up the challenge and the wealth of opportunities that came with it.

I know for a fact that I'll be working on a regional level, with amazing colleagues and diverse clients from overseas. I will also be making decisions and taking ownership of the Indonesian branch. That is something I don’t think I can find anywhere else, especially at this point in my career.  

Q: What key skills will you be transferring from the experience gathered during your previous job roles?
A: In my previous role, I learned a lot of amazing things from many great people. I had the privilege to handle the financial integration of a large and complex ERP system. It was insightful to be involved in the Software Development Lifecycle – Requirements Gathering, Functional Design, Unit Testing, Integration Testing, Performance Testing, and Deployment Management.  

I got to meet and handle unique clients from various business backgrounds and experienced a very nurturing and helpful work culture. I was introduced to SAP S4HANA Finance Modules (Order to Cash, Treasury, Cash Management), and Automation Testing using Katalon Studio. The technical knowledge and soft skills I learned will be very beneficial for my time at Lancia.

Q: What projects are you most looking forward to engaging in at Lancia?
A: Definitely the end-to-end project cycle, that allows me to connect deeply with the clients and their companies. I am excited to see them grow and excel using the solutions that we propose. I would also love to experience overseas projects and get to know the different types of work and clients there.

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