Welcoming Lucy Forward to Team Lancia
June 9, 2023

Welcoming Lucy Forward to Team Lancia

Our newest Managing Consultant in our Bristol office.

We’d like to take a moment to introduce a brand new member of our Bristol Team, Lucy Forward, who joins us as a Managing Consultant.  

Previous to her role with us, Lucy worked as a People Consultant at KPMG. When asked what initially attracted Lucy to the role, she replied that ‘The location, the culture, the size! I’ve been interested in moving from the Big4 to a smaller boutique consulting firm for years, so when I heard about Lancia being in Bristol and 10min from home, it was a no-brainer. The culture was also incredibly important to me, and after a few conversations with those in the know, it became clear that the company takes work-life balance, and wellbeing very seriously. They are not your typical big consulting machine, and it was clear their values aligned with mine.’

When it comes to upcoming projects and opportunities within her role, Lucy is most looking forward to bringing the knowledge and expertise she has gained over the past 9 years as a people consultant, to help Lancia expand in this space. She also looks forward to supporting the more junior members of Lancia, and also growing and learning herself, from the supportive senior members of the team.  

We asked Lucy what she was most excited about in terms of engaging in Lancia’s culture, Lucy responded with ‘Lancia being so close to home, I’m looking forward to getting more involved socially with the team (something I was unable to do at my previous company). I strongly believe that social cohesion improves task/work cohesion, as well as engagement and motivation, so being more involved socially with the Lancia team I think will be a huge positive change for me. I’m also looking forward to exploring what experience and knowledge I have that is new to Lancia, and consequently helping to drive new client opportunities in those spaces.’

We can't wait to update you on how Lucy’s #NewEnergy has added to our esteemed Bristol team!

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