Championing Well-being
March 28, 2024

Championing Well-being

Celebrating physical, mental, emotional, and social wellness this October with the APAC team.

A well-balanced team radiates positivity and productivity, and our diversified strengths, passions, and approaches make us different. This October, we celebrated well-being with Wellness Month—an internal initiative highlighting our pledge to a holistic approach.

Across the month, we embarked on a wellness expedition, exploring the depth and breadth of the four pillars of well-being: physical, mental, emotional, and social wellness.

(Left: Our Analysts, Rafi, Emmanuel, Zhaffari, and Hailey. Right: Zhi Wan (Senior Consultant), Wei Loong (Managing Consultant) and Xanthea (People & Culture Business Partner.)

The exciting initiatives at Lancia’s Wellness Month were diverse and engaging. We kicked off with the Daily Gratitude Challenge, creating a Slack channel as a shared space for team members to share small joys, from uplifting songs to celebratory moments.

The LanciaConsult 10/10 Run followed this in the second week, a global event symbolising unity and purpose. We introduced Work Break Exercises to encourage physical activity, inviting everyone to lead spontaneous stretching sessions during breaks, ideal for warming up or down for the 10/10 Run.

Lunch n Learn sessions were a hit, designed to rejuvenate and educate our team on key well-being topics over a hearty lunch, covering areas such as restful sleep, stress management, and healthy eating. The Healthier Choice Challenge was an innovative way to promote healthier eating habits, encouraging the avoidance of sodium and sugar while increasing fruit and vegetable consumption, complete with a fun rating system for food choices in our chat.

Fruity Friday became a weekly highlight, offering a variety of nourishing fruits for the team to enjoy together. Lastly, the Being at My Best Quiz offered a reflective opportunity, helping team members introspect and enhance their understanding of how to best operate in diverse environments.

(Left: Clarice's homemade Sundubu Jigae - a hearty kimchi soup willed with vegetables and tonu! Right: Reza and Dimas with their cold pressed juice of pineapple, carrots and oranges!)

Join us as we chat with the APAC people team, Xanthea, and Gladys, who led the programme:

Q: What sparked the idea for Wellness Month?
Here at Lancia, we want to celebrate the intangibles and ensure the holistic development of each Lancian. What better way than to have a month-long theme to introduce these key topics fun and engagingly? Through it, we plan our journey towards wellness collectively.

Q: How do you perceive Wellness Month invigorating our ongoing culture?
Wellness Month was jam-packed with activities and initiatives promoting and celebrating our well-being. Yet, the mutual support and sense of community is truly a testament to the collaborative culture at Lancia. As we continue to build our business together, it is crucial to remember we are committed to achieving new milestones, both tangible and intangible.

Q: How will Wellness Month foster internal interactions and understanding?
It provides a unique opportunity to unite team members around a shared commitment to well-being. Through challenges, sessions, discussions, and shared experiences, we nurture supportive interactions and deepen understanding among colleagues, ultimately fostering a more supportive and empathetic workplace culture.

Q: Why is holistic well-being important for Lancia’s trajectory?
As the business grows, it is crucial to ensure the growth of individuals alongside it. Our people are our greatest assets, and enabling each Consultant to perform at their best drives us daily as Lancia’s People Team.

Q: Which segment of Wellness Month resonates with you the most, and why?
Personally, the Gratitude Challenge was a lovely way to send sparks of positivity into each other’s days. We got to see the world through team members’ eyes and celebrate victories with each other. This spirit of gratitude and support forms the heart of Lancia, and I hope to continue to build this for years to come!

Here are some of the moments of gratitude shared by our team:

Rajani (Technical Lead): “Feel the child within you. Grow a little every day, even when it’s hard.”

CS (Managing Director): “Strength is keeping it together when everyone expects you to fall apart.”

Esther (Head of People): “Life can only be understood backwards, but it must be lived forward.”

Dimas (Consultant): “In the end, we will only regret the chances we didn’t take. Don’t stop when you are tired; stop when you are done!”

Reza (Senior Consultant): “Thankful for the $ saved by making coffee at home!”

Finally, we spoke to APAC Executive Director CS Lim, who championed the initiative.

Q: How has Wellness Month supported the well-being of our teams? How do you foresee initiatives like Wellness Month increasing our growth and productivity for the future?
A: We’ve successfully wrapped up our inaugural APAC LC Wellness Month! A big shout-out to our dedicated team for their unwavering commitment to holistic health. This journey of learning, growth, and integrating sustainable practices paves the way for a robust future together. It’s heartening to continue to witness our team members taking the initiative to organise diverse activities, fostering stronger bonds and enhancing engagement. Sharing healthy eating tips has been a highlight, promoting a culture of wellness within our organisation. Here’s to a healthier, stronger, and more connected team!  

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