Employee Referral at LanciaConsult, with Shamir and Gabriel
June 9, 2023

Employee Referral at LanciaConsult, with Shamir and Gabriel

Hear about their experience of joining the Singapore Team.

This week, we had the pleasure of speaking with Consultants from our Singapore office, Gabriel Teo and Shamir Robinson, to discuss their experience with joining Team Lancia, through an employee referral.

Firstly we spoke to Gabriel, who joined us through a recommendation from Bryan Foo.

Q: Gabriel, you originally joined LanciaConsult as an Intern. Please briefly describe what attracted you to the role.

A: I was drawn to the role due to Bryan Foo, who was the one that recommended me to Lancia. The idea of consulting that I had back then was only a surface-level idea of what it’s truly about. Being an environmental studies graduate, I had minimal experience and background in technology or business. Hence, Lancia was frankly an audacious route to take post-graduation, which made it even more exciting. However, I was attracted to the idea of problem-solving in a business context and felt that it was the right step to take to challenge myself.  

Q: You became a consultant after your six-month internship ended. Can you describe how the rest of the businesses supported you through the internship process and into a permanent role?  
A: The way management interacted with me was a big part of the support system here in Lancia. There was a very flat hierarchy here where I can interact and form good social and working relationships with my leaders. This was integral as I felt like the leaders understood what we were facing on a day-to-day basis. Having good leaders was a key component in my outlook on a company due to previous experiences.

I would also say the teammates that I worked with were also an important factor. I was able to click quite well with my fellow peers and project leads, which once again added to the theme of having a strong social support structure in the company.

Q: Please tell us a bit about your current role and how your two years of experience in the business contributed to your development.
A: My current role consists of managing a finance transformation project with a new consultant, Edgar, under my wing, as well as driving a custom application solution for a previous client, which we also did a finance implementation for. I feel that I have grown every year here at Lancia. Albeit, I started off extremely fresh, as mentioned earlier, so there was a lot of opportunity for growth. Nonetheless, I do feel a lot more confident in my abilities in client-facing work, driving and managing a project, as well as understanding the financial needs of a business. I can’t imagine myself doing what I was doing two years ago, and I’m quite proud of that.

Q: What can you tell us about the general culture and work-life at LanciaConsult?
A: A major aspect of working life in Lancia is the opportunity to mingle with people from other teams. From the start, we’ve always organised activities like team dinners, the team runs, drinks, or random activities like football, badminton or bowling. Being a relatively social person, this forms a big part of life in Lancia as they are fun activities that create positive energy within the entire office. The social strength is important as this manifests towards our working culture, where we operate very cohesively. I feel very comfortable working with my leaders and teammates. It doesn’t matter which level you are at; we are all on the same page and driving towards the progress of a project.

Q: Lastly, you recommended your friend Shamir for a role. What made you think Lancia would be a good opportunity for him?
A: We have similar personalities, and I know that he’s a very sociable person who needs a good social support system around him to do his best. I felt that I had that at Lancia. On top of that, it was also a great opportunity to continue our streak of being in the same organisation. Fun fact: I’ve known him since 12.

We then spoke to Shamir, who joined us through an amazing recommendation from Gabriel!  

Q: Shamir, your friend Gabriel recommended you for a role at LanciaConsult. What was it that attracted you to the role?
A: Lancia provided a great opportunity for a fresh graduate like me to gain tremendous exposure in the world of management consulting, working directly with clients to tackle complex business challenges and delivering high-quality value for them.

Q: What made you choose Lancia over other opportunities?    
A: Gabriel shared extensively with me about the dynamic work environment and the opportunities for us consultants to grow and develop personally and professionally. The biggest factor for me in choosing Lancia was the fact that Lancia prioritises its people over anything else. The people here are highly driven individuals who love what they do and are tuned in to the culture of collaboration and teamwork. Even senior leadership members actively form great relationships with everyone, and that really meant a lot to me.

Q: Please tell us a bit about your current role and how your two years of experience in the business contributed to your development.
I have been exposed to a wide range of industries in my budding career here in Lancia, ranging from Real Estate to Supply Chain Logistics, IT and even Education. Currently, I am working closely with a regional client in the education industry to implement digital transformation solutions and provide overall programme management services too. The wide exposure I’ve gotten, coupled with the level of interaction I have had with clients and the level of responsibility I’ve been entrusted with, has provided me with a challenging and rewarding career thus far. I have developed a broad understanding of business operations and challenges, honed my analytical, problem-solving and communication skills and learnt how to manage complex projects whilst delivering high-value results, keeping the client’s interests at the forefront of everything we do here at Lancia.

Q: What can you tell us about the general culture and work-life at LanciaConsult?
A: People at Lancia are the best, honestly. We have great fun together; we work well together and consistently encourage one another to be a better version of ourselves every day. While we may face regular challenges at work, we are always there for one another, providing support and genuine care for all, and that is an amazing thing to have within our organisation.

Q: Lastly, what are you most looking forward to for your future at Lancia?  
I have always maintained three principles in my approach to a career: (a) to do meaningful work, (b) to grow personally and professionally in a challenging and dynamic environment, and (c) to work with people I can deeply trust and respect. As Lancia continues to grow from strength to strength, I am just excited to be part of this journey to build the company, and I know that there will always be opportunities for me to maintain my three principles at work!

We couldn’t be more thrilled to have both Shamir and Gabriel on board. They have both made an exceptional addition to our Singapore team.  

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