Welcoming APAC's new analysts
September 4, 2023

Welcoming APAC's new analysts

Q&A with Emmanuel Thomas, and Hailey Lin

Here we speak to two more new starters from our Singapore offices: Consulting Analysts at our Singapore office, Hailey Lin and Emmanuel Thomas.  

Before her internship at Lancia, Hailey took up marketing-related internships, specialising in campaign marketing and digital/e-commerce.    

Q: What initially attracted you to Lancia?
A: The nature of a consulting internship attracted me as I wanted to venture out to try something new outside of marketing. Lancia is a fast-growing consulting firm, meaning I could contribute more, even in an analyst position.  

Q: What key skills have you gathered during your previous experience, and will you be applying to your new role at Lancia?
A: I see myself applying the soft skills I have gathered from my previous experiences to my new role at Lancia, such as teamwork and communication with colleagues.  

Q: What are you most looking forward to about your role?
A: As this would be my first consulting internship, I look forward to experiencing what consulting is like and gaining consulting-related skill sets. I am also looking forward to getting to know my colleagues more!    

Before Lancia, Emmanuel completed a Market Research & Consulting internship at Global Angle, Singapore.    

Q: As it's your first role within a consultancy, what are you most looking forward to learning about the industry and your role?
A: I look forward to a deeper understanding of the consulting industry's various verticals and service offerings. Additionally, I am keen on learning about the career progression of consultants and how their roles and responsibilities evolve as they advance in their careers.  

Q: How do you think your educational experience has prepared you for your role at Lancia?
A: Drawing upon my technical background played a significant role, as it provided familiarity with tech systems and frameworks upon joining LanciaConsult. Additionally, the systemic thinking approach, ubiquitous to engineering, has greatly assisted me in approaching diverse problems logically and effectively.

Q: What skills are you most looking forward to developing within your new role?
A: In my new role, I am eager to develop critical skills in client engagement, presentation, and the ability to think on my feet. These skills will enable me to interact with clients effectively, create impactful presentations, and respond swiftly to dynamic challenges and opportunities.  

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