Meet Jack Larsson
June 9, 2023

Meet Jack Larsson

Our Bristol Graduate at LanciaConsult.

We’re shining a spotlight on our Consultant, Jack Larsson, who joined LanciaConsult back in May as a Graduate on our new consultant programme. Jack is an Economics and Management graduate from the University of Bristol.

When asked what attracted him to joining the LanciaConsult team, Jack’s main motivation was the opportunity to work alongside driven and diverse people, and to build a toolkit of transferable skills.

Having been introduced to the industry by the CEO at his university job who previously worked in consultancy, his aspirations were met when he was introduced to LanciaConsult. When asked about the application process, Jack replied ‘The process was testing, but enjoyable. For new applicants coming in, it's great to be back interviewing in-person, and you’ll gain valuable experience throughout the process, even if you're not successful.’

When weighing up other employment opportunities, Jack favoured LanciaConsult over other options because of the “genuine and close-knit nature of its people”, whom he enjoyed spending time with before applying, as well as during the interview process. Another positive was LanciaConsult’s span across multiple geographies, its fast-growing capabilities within the industry, and its strong focus on ESG.

Jack’s experience during the onboarding process was filled with excitement and the assurance that he’d gain all the knowledge needed to fulfil the job requirements. ‘LanciaConsult is a fun and energetic company to work with. There’s always lots going on. A lot of effort goes into making sure everyone is included.’

There is ample opportunity for our graduates to develop new skills, as they grow existing ones. When asked what about the LanciaConsult learning landscape differs from others, Jack said ‘The flat hierarchy means you can work with the most senior members of the team from your first project. There’s lots of learning from day one!’

‘I have loved the role since joining. It’s challenging and rewarding in equal measure. The people are great to be around and are always keen to help with work, but also love to socialise outside of it.’ We’re thoroughly excited to watch Jack’s journey with us and continue to see him develop.

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