Consulting life after the Big-4!
March 28, 2024

Consulting life after the Big-4!

Lucy Forward reflects on life with LanciaConsult at ten months in.

This time of year lends itself well to reflections, so on the blog today, we caught up with Lucy Forward, who joined the team from KPMG in February.  

Find out how she's getting on at LanciaConsult now that she's ten months in.

Q: You joined LanciaConsult from KPMG in February. Ten months in, how's it all going?
Amazingly! I've genuinely loved my first ten months here  

Q: What are the main differences between the world of the Big-4 and LanciaConsult?
There are many differences, and depending on who you speak to, each could be considered a positive or negative.  

Inevitably, at a Big-4, you've got a strong brand name, a plethora of big-name clients, and approaches to delivery that have been developed through hundreds of client implementations. You might work on bigger project teams and have access to state-of-the-art technology for project collaboration.  

A lot of that might sound flashy, fun, and exciting, and it can be. However, with a big organisation comes the need for greater structure, rules, bureaucracy, and, unfortunately, loss of a community feel. This is not intended as a criticism; it is simply an observation of how a more prominent organisation must operate to be effective and one of the flipsides of large-scale success.    

However, the two most significant (positive) differences have been the "connectedness" to my team and the opportunities to make a difference. At KPMG, I was one of many and separated from my team due to my location (Bristol v London). Now, at LanciaConsult, I'm part of a small, friendly team, a community. While there is a management hierarchy, all adopt openness, respect, and equality. You could end up sitting in the office kitchen eating your lunch with a junior colleague or the Executive Director of Europe, and you'd feel just as comfortable and relaxed picking up some casual chit-chat with either.  

The other hugely positive difference for me at Lancia is the feeling that I can make a difference, whether driving and owning the development of the change management proposition, initiating and writing the monthly newsletter, or supporting our younger consultants on change management projects. There are so many opportunities at Lancia to get involved and drive internal initiatives – we're relatively young and small, so there are so many things to get involved in! It's an exciting place to be!  

Q: What's been keeping you busy?
Lots of interesting internal and client work:

  • I led a portfolio change management project for a major pharmaceutical client, helping to bring clarity and coordination to several existing change projects.  
  • I drove the development of our change management proposition by enhancing our change management approach, collateral, and internal capability development to help us deliver strong change management to our clients.  
  • Driving various internal communications for Lancia Europe, working with a small team to coordinate the monthly newsletter.  
  • I led an RFP response from start to finish and have been getting involved in various other RFPs and proposals.  
  • I am getting involved in sales activities by attending networking events and seminars.
  • I am involved in Lancia's social side and getting to know the team!  

Q: Have you learned anything new?
Leading an RFP from start to finish is not something I'd done before, so that was a new but exciting challenge!  

Q: Any favourite moments?
Lancia's annual away weekend; Lancia organised trip to a PRIDE circus event; becoming "chief pancake maker" in the Bristol office; taking my dog into the office; the organised MC development training; the team's faces when I threw a tennis ball…  

Q: How would you describe the culture at LanciaConsult to someone considering joining the team?
Welcoming, Fun, Connected, Flexible, Motivating, Transparent, Open, Collaborative, Accepting, Inclusive, Rewarding, Trusting, Respectful.  

Q: Any tips you can share with someone at the beginning of a career in consulting?
Get involved in as much as you can – be inquisitive, ask questions, be motivated to learn, and be reliable. A career in consulting can be gratifying, but it can also be very daunting. Every day and every project will be slightly different, which can be overwhelming – but embrace every challenge that comes your way, and don't be afraid to ask for support from those who have been doing it for longer.  

Q: What are you most excited about as you move forward in your career at LanciaConsult?
I'm excited about many things, but I think one of the most exciting things is that being part of a smaller consultancy firm means there is so much room for us to grow, and I'm excited I get to be part of shaping that journey.  

Q: What's been the best bit so far about joining us?
The culture, the people, and the numerous opportunities to help the company grow. But, also the LC11 away weekend! (Our Summer away weekend).

Lucy having fun at our Summer away weekend (LC11).

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