Welcoming Senior Consultant Esher Pegrum to our Bristol team
March 28, 2024

Welcoming Senior Consultant Esher Pegrum to our Bristol team

Welcoming Esher Pegrum to LanciaConsult

As we welcome our latest new joiner, Senior Consultant Esher Pegrum, into the Bristol office, we get the lowdown with this quick Q&A.  

Q: What’s your role at LanciaConsult?  

A: Senior Consultant  

Q: How long have you worked in consulting? And where were you before you joined the team at LanciaConsult?  

A: I have worked in consulting since 2019 for four years now. I completed my Tech Consulting (Financial Services) graduate scheme at KPMG in London, where I quickly aligned with the Financial Services Data Team. I then moved to a smaller Financial Services consultancy called Woodhurst, where I learnt much more about the world of FinTech.  

Q: What was your journey into consulting like?  

A: After applying to numerous graduate schemes, it was clear that I’ve always had a keen interest in Economics, Finance, and Technology, so the Technology Consulting graduate scheme within Financial Services seemed like a perfect collision of worlds, and I think that passion bled through in my application. I always wanted to collaborate with people, and consulting is a profession where people are at the heart of it. That was something that drew me to consulting, the fact that I could communicate and collaborate with all types of people from all walks of life. Consulting is about teamwork at the end of the day!

Q: What University did you go to, and what did you study?  

A: University College London, and I studied Economics.

Q: What’s your favourite bit about consulting life?  

A: Varied problem-solving. I like applying my skillset to solving problems, whatever shape and size. Consulting has varied work, and no problem is the same, so no solution is the same. Consulting has problem-solving at its core. I like the creativity and logic that need to be applied, both of which I have. Solving problems for companies that are having a significant impact on the world is something that I love about my job.  

Q: What areas are you looking to grow into now you’ve joined LanciaConsult?  

A: Our M&A consulting go-to-market strategy, whether that be offering services pre-deal in the due diligence stage or post-deal in the integration stage. We have a broad set of skills across LanciaConsult, and it’s an area that we thrive in.  

Q: What have you been up to since joining the team? Are there any highlights you’d like to share?  


  • Working on the M&A consulting GTM strategy within Europe  
  • Building out our PMO (Project Management Office) framework  

Q: Are you feeling settled into the business now?  

A: Yes, everyone is so approachable. It’s got a great culture, which doesn’t surprise me because of the type of people who are here. There is freedom and autonomy to run with your ideas, but equally, there is support at every stage. You just need to ask.  

Q: What do you think makes a great consultant?  


  • Having a logical mindset but with the flexibility to be creative.  
  • Great organisation.  
  • Good communication  
  • Being able to ask the right questions from a place of sincerity, not being the know-it-all.  

Q: What are you most excited about for your future at LanciaConsult?  

A: I am excited to learn from the incredible leaders here. There is a wealth of knowledge floating about in the company, and I’m eager to extract as much of it as I can.  

Q: Describe the vibe at Lancia in 3 words.  

A: Progressive. Supportive. Joyful    

And guess what, we’re hiring. Find out more to join us.  

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