Lancia Continuous Learning
Lancia Continuous LearningLancia Continuous Learning

Continuous learning

At LanciaConsult we are curious. We pride ourselves on giving our team the opportunity to foster the exchange of knowledge and expertise across our business.

We believe you are the best person to drive your learning and development, with our support to enable you to unlock your talent.

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Learning at Lancia

Our people have access to high quality training through partnering with external experts to deliver specialist knowledge, bespoke training or using the wealth of knowledge curated in The Curiosity Shop.

The Curiosity Shop

The Curiosity Shop is our interactive knowledge hub, home to Lancia's shared collection of training materials, that help develop and grow your core consulting skills and enable you to be the best consultant. Our people have access to different types of learning as we appreciate everyone’s learning is unique to them.

Landing at Lancia (LAL)

We are committed to setting you up for success with your career at Lancia. LAL is our investment to your onboarding. The training is delivered by our passionate team, which will enable you to forge strong relationships with your colleagues.

We’ve developed a structured curriculum for all our new joiners to get you acquainted with how we operate and to introduce you to Lancia and our ways of working. This includes both technical and core consulting skills.

For our new Consultants there is a dedicated training period for which will form the foundation for your consulting career.


We recognise that every individual is unique, so our coaching takes a holistic and sustainable approach to growth for your personal and professional development. LIFT coaches create a one-on-one space for conversations to take place and there’s complete flexibility in how you utilise it.

We’ve created the ultimate space for you to think tank your ideas among like-minded individuals with a shared devotion to development. LIFT is a self-directed, asset-based approach that can work for everyone.

Our LIFT programme provides:

  • Fast iterations. Why wait until the end of the year? Frequent occasions to reflect and improve help us reach our potential faster.
  • Relevant learning and training, equipping our consultants with the skills they need today and tomorrow.
  • A safe place to test new ideas, strengths, weaknesses and strategies in a supportive environment.
  • It is not a performance management system that demands self-promotion, fosters cliques or feels like a popularity contest.
  • Is an inclusive, self directed, asset based approach that can work for everyone.

Ways of Working

Feedback is a central pillar for growth at every level in Lancia

We encourage practices that enable our people to build collaborative and transparent team dynamics. In doing so, we maintain an inclusive workspace and understand how you operate at your best!

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