Target Operating Model

Companies must enhance customer experience, agility, and operational effectiveness in today's competitive landscape. However, disconnected efforts and isolated initiatives yield only temporary gains. Organisations need a next-generation operating model, integrating digital technologies and operational capabilities to thrive.

This target operating model, or blueprint, drives substantial advancements in revenue, customer experience, and cost efficiency. Without a target operating model, businesses face limited progress, inefficiency, heightened competition, and missed opportunities. Conversely, a well-defined operating model unlocks their potential for success in a complex business environment.

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How we can help your business

  • Current state assessment - Understand your business, strategic objectives, and challenges. Evaluate your current operating model and identify areas for improvement. Develop principles aligned with business strategy for the target operating model design.
  • Target operating model design - Identifying process improvement opportunities across the value chain. Define the technology landscape and required capabilities. Develop the target organisational structure.
  • Roadmap for transformation - Define workstreams, milestones, and timelines for achieving the target state. Establish reporting and tracking mechanisms for project execution. Identify project risks, potential impact, and mitigation strategies.


Problems we can solve

Our expertise and experience in target operating model development and implementation addresses typical challenges like:  

  • Organisations need help to deliver seamless experiences to customers, partners, and employees, leading to dissatisfaction, lower productivity, and missed growth opportunities.
  • The absence of a defined target operating model results in redundant processes, siloed functions, and inefficient workflows, hampering productivity and throughput and impacting service and product quality.
  • Organisations face difficulties in achieving optimal cost efficiency, leading to higher expenses, lower profitability, and reduced competitiveness in the industry.
  • Organisations' inability to adapt swiftly to market dynamics and changing business needs limits their responsiveness to opportunities and threats.

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