Why it’s important to change lanes
June 9, 2023

Why it’s important to change lanes

We delve into why changing lanes helps you to develop and deliver.

Positioning yourself to allow for career development opportunities can often be tricky, but also essential in the long term. At LanciaConsult, we strongly believe that receiving exposure across service lines, sectors and geographies helps our team deliver with more impact in all their career endeavours with the introduction and implementation of various transferable skills. We strive to keep the conversation rolling in an effort to understand how we can best help to propel your career forward. We’ve asked various members of our workforce why they think it’s important to move lanes, and how it's impacted their work.

One of our recent graduates, Will Appleton (Consultant - Bristol), had this to say: “6 months in and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. Not only was the LanciaConsult application process seamless it was also clear that Nicola and the team cared so much about portraying Lancia in its best light. Making sure to stress the significance of selling the organisation to the candidate as much as the candidate to Lancia. The benefits of Lancia continue past the application process. Within 4 weeks of landing the graduate scheme I was partnered with the managing director to deliver a new IT system for one of our many clients in EUR. 3 months after joining I even travelled out to meet the client in Switzerland! Name another graduate role that offers that type of opportunity!”

We asked for comment from one of our Senior Consultants, Alicia Lim, how changing lanes has benefitted her Lancia journey. “While it is important to have depth in knowledge, it is also important to have the breath - across client types, industries, and project scopes. As consultants, being exposed to this variety allows us to better serve our clients by drawing on best practices and pitfalls from our experiences. At Lancia, I have been given the opportunity to work on different types of projects with clients from different industries, and I believe that this will continue to help my growth as a consultant.”

At LanciaConsult, our Consultants are given the opportunity to work across a variety of sectors and types of projects to leverage and expand their knowledge and consulting skills ensuring that their development is continuous. Our focus on horizontal career growth lands our Consultants in a position to bring high value well-rounded solutions for our clients as they are more adaptable and agile.

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