Why bigger isn't always better
June 9, 2023

Why bigger isn't always better

We speak to some of our consultants who made the move from ‘big consulting’ to LanciaConsult.

Transitioning from the large firms to LanciaConsult has been a very positive career move for many of our people. Across our Singapore, Bristol & Belfast teams, we spoke with Principal Louise Broderick, Senior Consultant Anderson Soo, Senior Consultant Matt Kenny and Managing Consultants Ben Carvell and Ekin Cunningham on their individual experiences.

Anderson Soo (Singapore) left EY Consulting to broaden his experience in a growing firm, saying ‘A fast-moving, more unpredictable role, with greater ownership of project work, being a Senior Consultant here definitely has more to offer than a bigger firm’.

Ben (Bristol), Matt (Belfast) and Louise (Singapore) all reflected on the positive culture that comes from joining a smaller firm. Working in more varied and smaller teams drives greater collaboration and communication across the team.

Whilst discussing the main benefits of opting to work at a smaller, fast-growing firm like LanciaConsult, Ben, who previously worked as a Manager at KPMG said ‘The focus on the individual is far greater, with a dedicated coach instead of a line manager. LanciaConsult is not a hierarchical organisation, and my input is valued just as much as those more senior or less senior than me’. For Anderson, it was the opportunity to take on a broader range of work, as well as coaching less experienced co-workers, adding ‘I appreciate the genuine interaction between colleagues. We skip the usual corporate jargon and focus on things that truly matter’.

When asked what advice they would give to someone considering a similar move, Ekin (Bristol) said ‘If you want to be part of a team that not only delivers great quality client work but also has a say in how the business is growing, this is a great place. Big firms certainly have their appeal, but in a smaller firm you get more exposure to senior skills and responsibilities - our junior resources get to work directly with directors and clients, building first-hand experience.  They are also able to lead more & own more than at the same level in a bigger firm.’ Louise (Singapore), who previously worked for PwC, added ‘While there is an element of risk in moving away from a large organisation, there is lot of reward, and I believe the benefits outweigh the risks.  Joining a smaller firm such as LanciaConsult brings fresh opportunities & challenges while being able to apply the breadth of your learnings in your previous engagement and projects’.

At LanciaConsult, we always circle back to how #NewEnergy builds on our experience and how we consciously channel it into our work. We asked the team what #NewEnergy their large firm experience brought to their roles at LanciaConsult. Ekin, replied, ‘In a firm like Accenture, there are 100s of analysts/consultants/managers who are all running the same marathon as you, so you learn to be quick, how to stand out and discover how you can best operate in a fast-paced environment’. Matt is proud of the skillset he has developed through his previous experience at EY Consulting, and actively applies it to his current role, saying ‘I’ve been able to bring deep technical skills and continue to deliver high-quality client work in LanciaConsult.’

We are honoured to work with talented consultants across the globe, and truly value their diverse experience and how they continue to shape and grow their careers and LanciaConsult as a whole.

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