Meet Nicola our European Head of Talent
October 18, 2023

Meet Nicola our European Head of Talent

Our super Head of Talent talks 'why' Lancia, hints and tips for applying, and more.

It’s a busy time of year for Nicola Nicol, our Head of Talent at LanciaConsult, Europe. Nicola is on the hunt for our new consultants to join our team in September 2024. If you’re thinking about applying, this is a must-read!    

Q: When did you join LanciaConsult? And what does your role as Head of Talent cover?

A: I joined Lancia 5 years ago and have been privileged to have been part of the team’s growth ever since. I’m responsible for ensuring the best people join our growing team, from new to experienced consultants, and our support roles across Belfast, Bristol, and London.  

Q: With all your experience hiring and onboarding talent in LanciaConsult over the years, you must have some good insight into what attributes and key skills make a great consultant. What are they do you think?

A: A genuine passion for a career in consulting always shines through. Be authentic and honest about your aspirations and what you look forward to learning. Key skills are being curious, being a keen problem solver, working in a flexible environment and in different teams, and constant new learning. You need to be resilient and have a positive outlook to find the best solutions for our clients. Our team at Lancia is fun, kind, and supportive. You’ll make some wonderful friends.

Q: Do you have any top tips and hints for making an application for a role at LanciaConsult stand out?  

A: Please make your cover letter stand out! Tell us about yourself, your ambitions, and why you are interested in Lancia, consulting, and the city office you want to work in.  

Don’t rush; our deadline is the 8th of January 2024, so you can take your time finding out more about us and make a considered application. We know it’s a hectic time thinking about your career alongside studying or working.  

Q: What do you think makes LanciaConsult a great place to start a career in consulting? What do you think we offer that perhaps others don’t?

A: You are an individual at Lancia and immediately part of an exceptional team. There is genuine support, challenge, constant learning, and the opportunity to work every day with the most talented, fun, and friendly people I’ve ever worked with. It’s a truly collaborative environment, working in teams with our Directors and our newest Consultants to provide excellent client service and meaningful impact.  

The opportunity to be part of Lancia’s growth is exciting. We are ambitious, and it’s a brilliant time to join us.

Q: Remind us, where do we need to go to check out the consultant roles for 2024?

A: You should find everything you need to know in the pages we have created, from a pathway summary, how to apply, and all about what it’s like to work at Lancia and some FAQs.  This page should be your starting point as it's all here.

If you decide Lancia is the place to start your consulting career, I look forward to reading your application.

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