5 New UK Consultants
June 9, 2023

5 New UK Consultants

We checked-in with our recent intake of Graduate Consultants.

Join Us In Welcoming five new Consultants to our UK Team

This month, we’ve welcomed five new Consultants to the UK team who have recently graduated from university: Tom Dowe, Oliver Cross, Dylan Dempsey, Kyla Holland and Kyle Reading.  

When asked what drew our new Consultants to the opportunity of working with Lancia, Tom replied ‘when I applied, I was really excited at the prospect of working in a small consultancy that delivers solutions tailored to specific clients’ needs, rather than implementing a generic approach’. Kyla also had similar comments regarding culture, mentioning that she ‘was attracted by the opportunity to work collaboratively and in a supportive environment, and to be able to contribute to our social impact work’.  

As I’m sure all graduates will remember, the transition from higher education to the first career step can be a daunting experience. Across the new team, they’ve got some great recommendations for places to visit in both Bristol and Belfast. 7 Lucky Gods by the harbour is Oliver’s Bristol go-to, whilst the Botanic Gardens would be Dylan’s Belfast go-to!

As we watch the new members of the team get stuck into their new roles, we wondered where they see themselves a year from now. Oliver stated he’d ‘like to be a strong member of the LC team with a diverse range of experience from pro-bono to corporate’, whilst Kyla hoped to be a more rounded consultant through the LIFT program, and to improve her personal fitness, through Lancia’s Benefits scheme.  

The core of LanciaConsult’s mission is to instil #NewEnergy into all of their endeavours. When we asked our new consultants what #NewEnergy they bring to the team, Kyle replied ‘my positive energy and support wherever possible’. Dylan is bringing his ambition and curious nature to the table (with a sprinkling of The Office US memes), whilst Kyla is simply ‘excited to get stuck-in and be fully involved with everything Lancia has to offer’.  

We’ve loved the opportunity to share some insight into the personalities of our newest UK team members, and we can’t wait to share more with you, as we continue to support their journey with us at LanciaConsult.

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