Say Hello to Two New Consultants
June 9, 2023

Say Hello to Two New Consultants

Meet Kerri Scott and Chris Jenkins.

Join us in giving our new starters, Kerri Scott and Chris Jenkins, a warm welcome to Lancia! We’re thrilled to have them join our Belfast & Bristol teams, and we had a little chat to see how they’re getting on.  

Prior to joining LanciaConsult, Chris worked on some exciting technology transformation programmes in the Aviation and Defence sector, and Kerri worked in Financial Services, supporting clients with regulatory standards & compliance.  

We asked what initially drew them to LanciaConsult, and Chris said, ‘It was the prospect of joining a rapidly growing consultancy where I would be able to contribute to the development and growth of the business, whilst also working on projects in sectors that are new to me”. For Kerri, it’s “the opportunity for growth and development, both as an individual and with the team, and the great range of clients and projects”.

When it comes to what they’re most looking forward to, Kerri’s excited about Lancia’s great culture, and helping to continue making Lancia a great place to work. Chris has just started a project in Logistics & Supply Chain, and finds it fascinating to learn the scale of operations, and the enabling technologies and processes.

We can’t wait to watch both Chris and Kerri continue their exciting consulting journey with us.

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