Meet Si Qi Ow
June 9, 2023

Meet Si Qi Ow

Our Singapore Graduate at LanciaConsult.

Meet Si Qi Ow, our Singapore Graduate at LanciaConsult.

We’re shining a spotlight on our Consultant, Si Qi Ow, our Singapore Graduate. Si Qi was initially attracted to a career in consulting due to its diversification, allowing exposure to various industries and people, as well as the opportunity for continual learning which is supported by the talented peers she’s able to work alongside.  

When asked how she discovered the opportunity to join the Lancia team and the hiring process, Si Qi saw the advertisement on LinkedIn and saw it matched her career aspirations and evolving skillset. Whilst going through the application process, Si Qi had the opportunity to learn about others’ experiences of working at Lancia, and discovered such positive feedback that it cemented her decision.

There were various reasons for her opting for a career with LanciaConsult over other options. Si Qi described her interview experience as a “great chance to speak with seasoned and enthusiastic consultants” who assured her of the people-oriented work culture. As well as this, Si Qi liked how LanciaConsult is ‘industry agnostic’, meaning they could offer a wide breadth of exposure to different industries, business and people, with a heavy focus on ESG.

For Si Qi, the onboarding process was initially challenging, but rewarding all the same. The close knit team allowed her to feel comfortable to approach anyone, regardless of their seniority, for a quick chat or assistance if needed. The flat hierarchy and open access to experienced consultants allowed her to settle into the role very quickly.  

When Si Qi was asked to describe how she found her new role within the company, she replied ‘I’ve had an amazing time at Lancia. The role as a Consultant is definitely a challenging one, but with the challenges comes ample opportunities to learn and grow. I’ve enjoyed my role as a Consultant every step of the way, and I look forward to many more exciting projects in the future. It has been a pleasure working with my team members on various projects, and I truly enjoy my interactions with them.’


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