Marketing Solutions

Marketing Strategy

We work with our clients to create holistic and integrated marketing strategies based on understanding customers as real people. We map the customer experience at each stage of the journey to identify areas for improvement.

With a focus on both short-term demand capture and mid to long-term brand building, we leverage strategy, creative, technology and data to maximise marketing’s contribution to sales.

Brand, Creative & Visual Identity

Whether it’s a new logo, a new visual identity, a brand manifesto or short or long form content, through our partners, LanciaConsult can help create brilliant customer experiences.

For creative and content development, we work in a modern, dynamic way, employing sprint methodology to ideate. Where relevant, we produce multiple low cost versions, allowing your customers to tell you what resonates.

People & Operations

At LanciaConsult we can identify the right organisational design and the right ways of working , so that your marketing team or agency, meets the needs of the business today and tomorrow.

Whether it’s deploying our proprietary D3 Agile Marketing Framework, improving how brands work with their agencies, inhousing creative or implementing an analytics framework, we can help create efficient, innovative, adaptive teams, powered by data that drive business value.


At LanciaConsult our technology offering takes two forms. Firstly, business intelligence dashboards to enable data informed decision-making. Whether it’s Power BI or Salesforce’s Datarama, we recommend the data architecture and the right platform to facilitate data driven marketing.

We can also deploy technology such as AI and machine learning to deliver high performing digital campaigns across SEM, social, display and video to realise either branding or acquisition objectives.