Successful delivery starts with a clear understanding of what must change, how it can be achieved, and what value it brings to the business. We work across industry sectors to help clients shape ideas into clear requirements, plans, goals and outcomes.

Our approach is gradual and iterative, we work in short cycles and small teams, and we develop business cases or roadmaps which meet the client need – be that speed, cost, risk or readiness for change.


Our delivery professionals bring real, global experience to every client with a focus on the long term benefit.

We don’t believe any single delivery framework is the right answer as there are too many factors to consider when shaping a delivery plan.  So we develop and implement the best approach for each client environment and enable our clients’ team to succeed.  We ensure the important things are done well from governance, risk, visibility, communication to supplier management.


LanciaConsult values practical solutions, genuine advice and supporting clients in delivering sustainable outcomes. We have developed the RESULTS Framework to bring LanciaConsult’s expertise in a practical assessment toolset which provides meaningful insight and recommendations that our clients use to fix delivery issues and set their projects for success.