Social Impact

We engage closely with the communities around the world where we operate and recognise our responsibility to contribute towards them. We are always on the lookout for partners in our aim to make a positive difference. We work together with charities and social enterprise towards maximum impact in our three focus areas: communities, employability and difference.


We benefit from strong societies and economies to help us grow our own and our clients’ businesses. So for us, giving back to the communities that sustain us is critical and helps keep our local offices rooted within their environments.

From the ‘green lungs of Bristol’ to the volunteer carers of Singapore, we’re working with local community organisations on everything from strategy to IT to help them keep local spaces and services open and thriving.


We work hard to support anyone offering work experiences and opportunities in our communities, and want to be known as an organisation that helps others to find work they love as much as we do.

We’ve donated our time (as interview coaches), our muscle power (as cycling fundraisers) and our expertise in impact management and business planning to partners with the skills to build others’ skills.


We support those who are differently abled and those who are actively managing their mental health to live and work well, contribute to their local economy, and find employment with organisations that will allow them to excel.

We work with charities and social enterprises in this area to maximise their efficiency and potential – whether that’s through technology or people & organisation projects. We admire our partners’ passion and deep experience, and we’ll do anything we can to enable them.

2020 Social Impact Statement

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Charities