Employee number 60! Greg Rahilly joins team UK direct from completing his MBA

Employee number 50! Ryan Chan joins our team in the UK from Accenture.

Employee number 40! Roderick Goh, one of our 2020 interns joins the team in Singapaore

Moin Anja! Our first Hamburg local employee, Anja Varrelmann joins the team in Germany

Gong Xi Fa Cai – CNY 2020 with the team in Singapore, lotto included!

Anson and CS welcome Brenna (Canada) and Gizem (Germany) to the team in Singapore, our first overseas interns!


It’s not all work. Team Singapore enjoying a wine tasting event to celebrate a great start to the year

Our first tree planting in Singapore to celebrate new clients working with us.

Our second tree planting to celebrate new clients, this time three planted!

Our second Principals Retreat in Norway completes.  A new home from home for our annual strategic planning with our senior team

Our UK team celebrates the move to their second office in Bristol, making Berkeley Square our new home there with a summer party with friends, clients, and partners

Employee number 30! Regine Lim, one of our first direct entry graduates, joins us in our Singapore office

Our UK team proudly launch our first UK placement and graduate intake programme in Bristol

Team Singapore enjoying some time together over a weeked in Indonesia

Another incredibly proud day as Amira joins and becomes our first intern in the UK team

Time for our second client credential story filming – this time in Singapore

Our second LC Run Day on 10/10 – Team Singapore pre-run

#BeingRelevant2019 was a huge success, which ended on a high with the enigmatic Dr Mark Baldwin (Dr Enigma) giving a great after event talk


Our first interns in LanciaConsult: Anson and Bryan, join us in our Singapore office – a proud day for Alan and all of us

Our 2nd LC Talk, on the subject of innovation. This time with the founder and CEO of Riut Bag, Sarah Giblin, in London UK

Our inaugral Principals Retreat in the mountains of Norway, where we started the tradition of gathering our senior team to align on our plan for the year ahead

Employee number 20! Rebecca Andrew joins our fast growing team in Bristol UK

#BeingRelevant is born with our first event in Singapore in November 2018

Post #BeingRelevant2018 team celebration in Singapore


We turned 5 on April 19th 2017 – which meant a special one time company laptop bag!

Our second year in a row of awarding cash prizes for placement students at the University of Brighton

Employee number 10! Alan Ang joins the team in Singapore

Our growing company gathering in Barcelona in November of this year

Steve Walker, CIO APAC DHL Supply Chain, joined us in Singapore for our first ever ‘LC Talk’ – the origins of #BeingRelevant


Our refreshed brand is launched

Five employees strong and our company photo shoot at Raffles Hotel Singapore – a new tradition is born

Our first global team Christmas gathering – Lake District, UK


Jeff speaking back at one of our first public talks – Softlayer’s client event in Singapore