Transforming Programme Delivery

Delivering on Strategy

With experience across many sectors and geographies we bring relevant guidance and support to overcome the challenges such as stakeholder buy-in, defining the change in a meaningful way, segmenting the delivery plan in ways which bring early value, minimising complexity, and managing the realities of constraints and dependencies.

Delivery Assurance & Recovery

We bring a vast range of delivery experience to help our clients assess the health of inflight programmes of work and find practical prioritised ways to address issues across suppliers, solutions, customers, stakeholders, skills, and markets.

We are not led by a single formula, rather we discuss what is needed and make sure all assurance activities are actionable and meaningful.

Delivery Office

Delivery is complex and we work hard to establish the right tools and processes to monitor control, transparency, cost, and performance.

We work with our clients to select and adopt the right delivery framework and governance model that allows our clients to focus their programme effort where most needed’

Digital PMO

We partner with and bring to bear the world’s leading programme management and collaboration toolsets to help our client projects work at speed, report progress in real-time, and collaborate without boundaries.