#BeingRelevant2019 is bringing together a diverse and engaging set of speakers from the Artificial Intelligence, Technology, Military, Financial, and Autonomous Vehicle sectors together with key industry, investment, and public sector audiences.


  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Autonomous Driving
  • Financial Services
  • Identity and Security
  • Ethics
  • Military and Government

Who Should Attend

  • Those with an interest in Trust and Ethics in Technology!
  • Chief Technology and Information Officers
  • Digital Transformation Officers
  • Smart City Audiences
  • Technology Media
  • Legal Professionals


John Abbott

John is the Chief Business Officer at Yoti, a global technology company on a mission to become the world’s trusted identity platform.  Yoti’s free digital identity app, with over 5 million downloads, combines world leading biometrics and AI with government-issued documents to create a secure and private digital wallet in a matter of minutes.

Olivia Gambelin

Olivia is the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Ethical Intelligence, established in Edinburgh and expanding into Europe to bring responsible AI development solutions to industry and clients.  Olivia has previous experience in Silicon Valley and after research with EU Institutions, completed her MSc in AI Ethics at the University of Edinburgh, co-founded the University Beneficial AI Society and joined the Advisory Board of Tech Scotland Advocates.

Chris Moore

Chris is the Director of Program Management at Five AI, a Bristol based company who are developing the software that will power self-driving mobility services in Europe.  Chris has over 30 years of experience in leading and delivering complex technology programs across both public and private sectors – including the introduction of photocard licences with enhanced identity checks for 34 million drivers, the relocation of a national security agency and its secure systems, and now the development of AI software to drive autonomous vehicles.

Gregor Mowat

Gregor is the Co-Founder and Chief Financial Officer for LOQBOX, a fast growing Bristol based company that aims to end financial exclusion globally by addressing its three principle causes; no opportunity to participate in the financial system, 2) lack of financial capability, and 3) a lack of financial resilience.  Since their launch in 2017 LOQBOX has helped over 100,000 individuals and works closely with some of the UK’s largest finance institutions, including TSB, RBS, Natwest, and Clearscore.

Mark Phelps

Mark Phelps OBE MA MSc RAF

Mark is a lawyer within the UK’s Royal Air Force’s Directorate of Legal Services and is currently completing his Phd as a Chief of the Air Staff Fellow on the Legal and Ethical Ramifications of Autonomous Warfare with a focus on Lethal Autonomous Weapon Systems (LAWS) at Kings College London. Mark will share his thoughts on the Ethics and Law relating to LAWS within armed conflict and challenges this presents to concepts of what it is to be a combatant and human dignity .

Mark Baldwin (Dr Engima)

Mark is a lecturer and publisher who has been handling Enigma machines longer than anyone in the German forces, and reveals the extraordinary story of the greatest hack in history – how Germany’s Enigma ciphers were broken during WW2. Dr Mark Baldwin (MS, MSc, PhD, CF) has delivered hundreds of presentations in UK, USA, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Ireland and Slovenia, and brings with him a real wartime Enigma machine for the audience to operate.


18:00 Registration
18:15 Welcome and Introduction

Jeff Cronkshaw
(Group Managing Director)

Robert Ward
(UK Managing Director)

18:20 Securing Identity

John Abbott

18:40 Responsible AI

Olivia Gambelin
(Ethical Intelligence)

19:00 Drinks and Refreshments
19:25 Trust, Ethics and Autonomous Vehicles

Chris Moore

19:45 Ending Financial Exclusion

Gregor Mowat

20:05 Military Application of Artificial Intelligence - A Matter of Human Dignity?

Mark Phelps OBE MA MSc RAF
(Royal Air Force)

20:30 Drinks and Networking
21:00 Dr Enigma

Mark Baldwin
(MA, MSc, PHd, CF)

21:30 End