We founded our company with a simple but powerful goal, to always provide relevant and real experience to our clients. This focus is delivered through our core values of being Practical, Entrepreneurial, Genuine, and Sustainable and we encompass all of this in one simple statement – #BeingRelevant.

We shape our thought leadership around our clients, our partners, and our own experiences.  #BeingRelevant means bringing the right people together at the right time for the right reasons to share their views and opinions with each other. For us, this is what #BeingRelevant is all about.


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Explore our co-authored papers to discover the importance of data integration in the logistics sector, to employee engagement post Covid, and much more1


In the height of the pandemic, we brought together leading journalists and technology leaders in Supply Chain to discuss how they were #StayingRelevant


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“In 2019 we learned about the rapidly developing challenges with Trust & Ethics in the technology sector”


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“In 2018 we brought together the relevant emerging technology companies that were changing the logistics sector”